KPop addicts: get in Audition!

Kpop auditions

I’ve been hesitating to start writing about which might help you guys and to be interested as my  first blog posts. And now I would like to follow your demands on several sites after seeing many teenagers out there are willing to join Korean Entertainment Agency. As I am also one of you, let me share about what I know and help you in a way. 🙂

What are Entertainment Agency?

In Korea, there are several of entertainment agency with big power in labels, promoting and training. We all got interested not because of their own power, but also their idols’. The agency will collect you from more than thousands of people, get trained, get debut, get promoted, and bring you to your idol goals if you are strongly talent, or own some visual features, and more.

But here I want to give advice how to take audition to get started, what to prepare, what to dream in reality that you might want to follow.

Ok. For me, I’m personally interested in SM, JYP, YG, Cube and FNC 🙂 as they own too many idols group with nice image and popularity. I do believe they can trained more than enough and provide their boy and girls in proper way.

I do not have experience in taking audition LIVE in Korea, but had sent emails to join some. : ) Wait, I am the addict of K-Pop audition.

What are the auditions?

Here, I would like to explain about general audition steps to help you understand all through. There are email auditions (both for out of Korean and in Korea), live auditions (must go to Korean), some app auditions (you have to upload your singing mp3 or video).

Many people will recommend to try out Live Auditions, but you know that takes times and money for people outside Korea. I guess that’s the reason people always join audition via email first. Can also join by direct mail to their office too!

Many audition round of date/ place/ fields are all listed at their official website. You just have to prepare which songs/ how many songs to sing when you’re sending and when you’ll be auditioning. Put them in a Memory-stick and delivery to their Mail Box or sent your files via email.

If you have registered on their official APP for audition, upload your video there and it will be checked out.

And yes, mail box are more secure and guarantee that your files will be viewed! But email(s); cannot say for sure. Many says they just check videos that you sent electronically only for 1~3 minutes, somehow which might be not enough to judge how good/bad you are. So you have to make sure your video files is not too long with introducing conversations.

What do you need to send for audition?

You need to send:

A mp3 file (recorded your singing to a song)
    A video file (recorded especially your dancing)
    Photos (1 Frontal, 1 Side, 1 Full body shot photo – is perfect needs)

And without any long text message; describe your (1) Name, (2) Date of Birth | Age, (3) Education, (4) Place of Birth [where you’re come from], (5) Your Home Address, (6) Your Email/Ph Number [Contact], (7) Area of application – is enough information.
May be you can add additional messages to describe your own some information. Please add email subject as [Audition] Name – Area of Application – Audition Type
Important thing!!
You need to include which audition type you will be taking place; weekly audition, global audition, or just online audition!?

Please make note month that you send, as it is said they might keep your file to check out withing 2~3 months according to circumstance but if there is no reply after 3 months, you should consider sending another email with different video files that prove you have improves your talents (singing, dancing, acting)!

* Area of Application – means for which fields do you want to apply for; there you can apply for singing, acting, dancing, and comedian or MC. Choose where you find yourself talented.

Example: You want to be a singer, but you have no experiences or confidences at singing, and you think you can dance – state there “Dancing” as your field of apply. You don’t really need to miss out a chance!!

What kind of songs you need to sing? (this is for Singing Field)

For audition application, I recommend very strong two songs of different genres. One must show your vocal power enough. But as always it is important which song you sing (though that can show your vocal). Before they judge you, you must first understand the tone your sound, high or low, flat or bold. None of them means you can sing or not. It is just the color of your voice. To be an idol, you just need skills, strong admire, desire and CHANCES.

So you found out where you’re good at, collect songs (famous but not too popular songs). You should check out good songs sing by popular singer but not unique one. That can’t guarantee like once you hit the song’s ultimate; you will be selected. Just choose songs that you’re familiar with – means you can play with its notes, add your own emotion, and that attached with your voice. Okay dear? : )

Now! It’s time to recording, the official SM site describe they do not want low-quality voices on mp3 or video file. Yes, we also love sounds that clear. So go get your own good microphone, or recorder and somehow you might even make it with your mobile! Make sure your expressional voice are high at that recording time, do not get recorded when you are sick or your throat/ nose have a problem of sick. You must meet the song’s rhymes, hit the note, and smoothly end. That’s enough for impression to the ears! 🙂

OK, be relax and well dressed to record a video of yourself. Though it is not too important how do your clothes look, it is always recommend yours should be something we like, something we don’t feel stupid. Ah wait! You are going for Korean Audition!!!

Once you are selected, you will get trained (in all fields including acting, singing, dancing, MC-ing). Remember you will be training to be a KPop Idol which is many people out there are willing to be (but not everyone of them can be)! Don’t get bored, or tired. You should love what you will have to do, you have chosen a path; then you just have to follow through!

There are always questions about below things once you get twisted with audition thoughts and I want to let you more …
Let’s name that FAQ on KPop Auditions 🙂

How will they choose over candidate?
Sure thing: TALENT
Many said SM looks for candidates’ looks 80% and talents 20%, which I don’t really like to agree. I just guess they find for looks over talented person. You get the look but if you don’t have any talent, you can never be an idol. Yeah, but as always; looks is a fact that important to be an idol image.
You should have chrisma, fun behavior, nice communication and positive view. It is hard to stand long in that competitive world, you should stand smiling when fighting. Let the agency know how you are a positive person with such kind of desire to be an K-Pop Idol!

Is nationality important?
NO 50% and Yes 50%.
It is Korean entertainment, so definitely Korea nationality are more like to be considered that others. But who knows! Popular KPop boy group EXO consists of Chinese Member, SM Rookies are come from not only Korea, also from Thailand, China, Japan! Maybe you know or not, Nickhyun from 2PM is from Thailand; Hangin from Super Junior is from China. New rookie group TWICE contains members who are Japanese, Taiwanese. Rania got member Alexander from Africa! So I will simply say you don’t need to worry about from which nation you are. If you country boys or girls never make a debut by Korean Entertainment, you can make a history then.

My figure, features, does it fix to be trainee?
You should look tall, pale and cute <= that’s ordinary thing to be K-Pop Idol.
But you know what; Wendy from Red Velvet only tall 160 cm, and Irene 161 cm! Hyorin and Bora from Sistar, Sooyoung and Yuri from Girls’ Generation are not pale; they have dark skin.
Guess what’s really matters is “Do you have potentials to be an Idol?“. Yes, that’s what they look for.

I don’t know Korean language, can’t speak, can write, will they accept me?
That could be problem, if you don’t know Korean language, how did you get interested in K-Pop. I somehow believe many people got dreams to be K-Pop idol after they addicted to K-Pop songs, K-drama or live shows. If you are really addicting person, you surely know Korean (not only language, but also culture, communication and lifestyle).
Knowing just a bit is okay, because they will train you language (Korean/ English) and any language necessary. Language is a thing you sing in to make people hear and know what you’re mean. So do not afraid in learning languages!!

Learn from Idols, Not from Trainee

That above sentence is my favorite after I saw it on a blog of some audition posts. Yes, you must learn from idols if you want to be an idols. You don’t want to get lose, get hang and look back. Believe in what you want to believe, follow what your heart says, and find paths in which you find in reality.

You know: dreamers are not only who dreams, they are someone who make it happen!

Wish you have a good time spending here, and get started your way!

Thank you my dear(s).

Thanks and Loves,
Nai @hhlynnnai

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